Catch report 2015

Catch report 2016

John Ellerton & Grant King Carpnotica 25/03 – 01/04/17

A difficuly start to the week, however I mananges to land 4 carp up to 42lb 8oz.  The food as always was mega.  Many thanks to Dave & Sue,  Grant

Another fantastic week.  Fishing was slightly slow due to temperature and time of year but still had 4 carp biggest 37.4lb and all in daylight so some good sleeps too!

Food excellent as always, as was Sue & Dave’s company.  Will be back in July and already counting down.  Thank you xx

Lee Giddens Party  08/04 – 15/04/17

CARP:  32lb, 22lb 8oz, 32lb 5oz, 30lb 5oz, 38lb 4oz, 23lb 8oz plus several doubles.

Another great week, slow due to weather but always a brill week, will be back soon.

John Fortuna Party  15/04 – 22/04/17

Great week here at Windmill.  Extremely hard weeks fishing, unfortunately we didn’t catch anything from the Carp lake.  We managed to catch around 10 doubles from the Cat lake.  The food package is amazing, we loved every meal.  Sue & Dave were lovely and the hospitality & venue was amazing.  Thanks again Dave & Sue

Steve Anderson Party 06/05 – 13/05/17

CARP:36lb 3oz, 37lb 12oz, 20lb 8oz, 34lb, 30lb, 42lb 14oz plus 4 doubles

CATS: 60lb

Caught my favourite fish again, the Grass Carp.  Can’t wait to come back next year to catch some more.  Get in there!!!

Also had a 42.12lb Mirror, that wasn’t too bad

Great food, float fishing on the Cat lake was very exciting with carp from 8 – 15.8lb caught and small roach and 16lb Cat.

Matt Hoare Party 13/05 – 20/05/17

CARP: 41lb, 22lb, 23lb, 34lb, 21lb, 41lb 5oz plus 70-80 doubles from Cat lake.

CATS: 22lb & 49lb

Great venue, lovely food, great hospitality & venue.  Had a good holiday and enjoyable week.  Many thanks.

Really nice place, I have enjoyed my first experience in France.  I am glad I got to catch my first Cat. Thanks.

Steve Wiles & Gary Smith 20/05 – 27/05/17

CARP:  45lb 2oz, 29lb, 46lb 3oz, 20lb 4oz, 41lb 5oz, 43lb plus 3 doubles

CATS:  35lb & 49lb

Another trip to Windmill and faultless as ever.  Food, weather, fishing all spot on.  Thanks Dave & Sue, will be back next year.

Dean Ayres Party 27/05 – 03/06/17

CARP:  72 fish to 27lb

CATS: 14 fish to 72lb

Fantastic fishing, great fun on the Cat lake.  Caught over 70 carp and 15 Cats up to 70lb.  Great food every day.  Thank you Dave & Sue.

Liam Adcock Party 03/06 – 10/06/17  CARP LAKE ONLY

CARP: 40lb 6oz, 37lb 5oz, 27lb 8oz, 30lb, 25lb 8oz, 20lb, 33lb 10oz, 36lb 3oz, 30lb 6oz, 37lb 3oz, 31lb, 30lb 5oz, 34lb 10oz, 37lb 10oz, 44lb 14oz, 28lb 5oz, 36lb 15oz, 30lb 10oz, 22lb 10oz

Good week fishing.  

Chris & Cora Armstrong 03/06 – 10/06/17  CAT LAKE ONLY

CARP:  50 fish to 16lb

CATS:  20 fish to 70lb

Fantastic week Catting with loads of carp too.  Food was out of this world….

Rob Tinton Party 10/06 – 17/06/17

CARP:44lb 6oz, 27lb, 44lb 3oz, 41lb, 38lb, 34lb, 34lb 3oz

Great food and venue, will be back.

Fantastic venue, weather and food.  Great hosts and some great fish caught.

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