Windmill Lakes

Carp & Cat Fishing in France

John Ellerton, Carpnotica  21-28th March 2015

CARP:  31lb 4oz, 20lb 8oz, 28lb, 25lb 12oz, 20lb, 33lb, 44lb, 36lb 38lb 4oz, 45lb, 29lb 12oz

Had yet another fantastic week.  Great fishing, wonderful food from Sue as always and the most beautiful, though very wet, location.  What more could we want other than that elusive 50!  See you again in July.

Matt Nicholson Party 11th – 18th April 2015

CARP:  30 fish inc. 43lb, 42lb 8oz & 14 thirties.

CATS:  7 fish to 53lb

Food was great and so was service.  Smashed P.B. 3 times.  Also, dropped on it with the weather.  All in all a good week.

Adam Roberts Party 18th to 25th April 2015

CARP:  20lb 8oz,38lb 14oz, 25lb, 34lb plus doubles

Food was great as I remembered, fishing was slow due to high pressure but done PB Grassy.

Top food, hosts Sue & Dave were great.  Really good holiday!

Top food and hosts, lake fishing poorly due to really high pressure but still managed a new PB of 38lb 14oz; very happy.

Carl Smith Party 25th April to 2nd May 2015

CARP:  38lb 6oz, 38lb, 39lb, 27lb, 42lb 4oz, 28lb 1oz, 38lb 15oz

Lakes are stunning, food was excellent, fishing was good, shame about the weather.

Matt & Vic Harris 02/05-09/05/15

CARP:  26 fish inc. 4 Grassies 42lb, 31lb, 34lb 6oz & 27lb 2oz, 7 Commons to 23lb and 15 Mirrors inc. 44lb 1oz, 33lb, 38lb 4oz, 34lb 8oz, 38lb 1oz, 40lb 3oz, 30lb 1oz, 32lb 15oz, 37lb 5oz

Dave & Sue are fantastic hosts, a pleasure to be with all week.  The facilities are spot on, close enough for comfort, far enough away to feel isolated.  The food package is the best money you will spend all week.  The fishing is superb and the carp are stunning 10/10.

Geoff Crabtree Party 9th to 16th May 2015

CARP:  26lb, 37lb 4oz, 39lb 9oz, 37lb 7oz plus doubles.

Fishing was hard to start but 3 out of 4 caught PB.  Food was good.  It is by far like fishing in your back garden it’s so nice.

Steve Anderson Party 16th to 23rd May 2015

CARP:  25lb 1oz, 38lb 6oz, 25lb 3oz, 22lb, 47lb 8oz, 25lb 8oz, 35lb 11oz, 38lb 7oz, 29lb 4oz, 44lb 5oz, plus 121 doubles from Cat lake

GRASSIES:  35lb, 25lb 2oz

CATS: 3 fish to 35lb 3oz

Superb venue, food second to none.  Sue & Dave made us very welcome.  Great fishing, fully recommend staying here – Paul Bratt

Great food, great fishing, great hosts.  Lakes very well kept, one of the best I have been to.  Definitely be back again! – Dan Anderson

Great lakes, beat my PB twice.  Very clean and well kept fishery.  Food was great! Overall great trip. – Dave Longhurst

Ian Williams Party 30th May to 6th June 2015

CARP:  31lb, 33lb 5oz, 21lb, 29lb, 42lb, 36lb, 38lb 5oz, 41lb, 26lb, 28lb 10oz, 26lb 6oz, 32lb 4oz, 36lb  plus 37 doubles.

GRASSIES:  36lb, 42lb, 34lb, 30lb

CATS:  48lb 5oz, 29lb 5oz, 36lb, 77lb, 35lb plus 3 under 20lb

Dave & Sue were amazing hosts.  I have never eaten such amazing home cooked food in my life.  Dave and Sue work so hard to make our trip amazing.  Just look at the lake and facilities, says it all, the lake is the best maintained and well looked after lake I have ever fished, it is stunning.  Sad to leave but will be back.

Garath Hawthorne Party 6th to 13th June 2015

CARP:33lb, 30lb 2oz, 29lb 7oz, 25lb, 32lb, 24lb 8oz, 35lb 9oz, 36lb 4oz, 25lb, 36lb 12oz, 31lb 6oz, 32lb, 28lb 5oz, 24lb 8oz, 33lb 13oz, 40lb 10oz, 26lb 13oz  Plus 500lb from Cat lake. GRASSIES: 36lb 7oz

CATS: 33lb, 47lb, 75lb, 47lb, 47lb, 33lb, 47lb, Plus 20’s & doubles.

Great hosts, fantastic food.  Beautiful lakes and surroundings.  Broke my PB 3 times from 28lbs to 40lbs 10oz Carp.  WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND. – Phil Bricknell

Fantastic hosts, food and fishing, thank you very much, will defo be coming again.  Can’t wait! – Dave Boswell

Great fishing, lovely & plentiful food and great hosts.  Stunning fish, can’t wait to come back soon, Thanks again. – Ben Sweeney

Adam Richards Party 13th to 20th June 2015

CARP: 2 fifties 52lb 4oz (Lake record) 51lb 12oz, 2 forties, 6 thirties, 6 twenties.

GRASSCARP: 21lb 8oz, 42lb 12oz, 43lb 12oz,

3 of us on the main carp lake.  17 fish with the new lake record of 52lb 4oz topped a fantastic week.  Dave & Sue were great company and the food was brilliant.  4th visit to the venue, we will be back 2016.

Steve Kormoss Party 22nd to 27th June 2015

No catch record written

Very nice place and hosts.  Slow on the main carp lake (weather) but still enjoyed the challenge.  Carp and cat lake fished well.  Nice stay will come back.  

Charlie Abbey Party 27th June to 4th July 2015

CARP: 28lb, 39lb 8oz, 42lb, 32lb, 38lb, 100+ doubles from Cat lake

GRASSCARP: 38lb, 26lb, 46lb, 32lb

Stunning place, stunning fish, food package to die for.  Run by lovely people, cant wait to return – Paul Mountain

Stunning complex, lovely fishing, excellent food, will return – Charlie Abbey

Dave & Sue have been very welcoming, stunning fish, food to die for, 10 out of 10 for wildlife.  Looking forward to return.

Paul Colgate Party 4th to 11th July 2015  

CARP: 33lb, 20lb, 35lb, 34lb 4oz, 12 doubles from Cat lake


Excellent fishing in the cat lake all week.  Very pretty location.  The golden oriels were singing all week but very difficult to see.  Kingfisher a regular visitor.  Good food all week and plenty – in fact too much usually.  Many thanks.

Dave & Sue have made us all welcome, Sue’s food is excellent.  The Cat lake fishing was prolific, Carp lake was much harder. Thanks

Colin Whewell Party 11th to 18th July 2015

CARP: 48lb 15oz, 38lb, 37lb, 29lb plus numerous doubles from Cat lake.

GRASSCARP: 26lb, 35lb, 48lb, 26lb

Fantastic venue – will visit again for sure.  Thanks Dave & Sue

Amazing venue, great fishing. Thanks to Dave & Sue, very helpful but leave you to get on with it.  Top – Top – Top Week.

Darren & Geoff Hayter Party 18th to 28th July 2015

CARP:  44lb 8oz, 5 thirties, 7 twenties

GRASSCARP: 31lb, 27lb

CATS: 6 up to 70lbs

Great venue, company & food, fishing hard because of weather.  Still managed to beat PB!! 6 fish biggest 44lb 8oz Mirror.  Thanks Dave & Sue

John Ellerton & Amanda 18th to 25th July 2015 (Cat Lake Only)

CARP:  65 doubles

CATS:  44lb, 36lb, 46lb, 26lb 4oz

Another fantastic fishing trip.  Had plenty of fun fishing on the Cat lake, days only, 2 rods Cats and 1 rod carp and still had 67 carp!!! 4 Cats that put up great fights.  Food package that Sue supplies is second to none and as always we go home heavier then when we came.  Can’t wait for next visit.  Thanks to you both.

Lee Giddens Party 25th  July to 1st August 2015

CARP:  50lb, 30lb, 47lb, 21lb, 21lb, 43lb, 30lb, 37lb, 34lb, 22lb, 43lb, 25lb, 30lb, 30lb, 32lb  

GRASSCARP: 40lb, 32lb, 30lb, 20lb, 20lb, 20lb

Great week, food FANTASTIC. Def will be back. 25 Carp, Josh 50lb. Thanks Dave & Sue

The Reed Clan 1st to 8th August 2015

CARP: 26lb, 37lb, 37lb 8oz, 26lb,  plus numerous fish from Cat lake

CATS: 31lb, 48lb, 46lb 4oz plus several twenties.

Great place, great food.  New Carp are great sport in Cat lake.  Catfish fighting well.  Fish in both lakes are in great condition.  Thanks for great time Dave & Sue.

Andy Collins Party 8th to 15th August 2015

CARP:  43lb 4oz, 5 thirties, 8 twenties inc Grassie 28lb 8oz, 200+ doubles from Cat lake  

CATS: 4 up to 46lb

Unfortunately they didn’t complete the comment book but this was the third consecutive year they came and next year is already booked so I think they were happy!!

Steve Wiles Party 15th to 22nd August 2015

CARP:  40lb, 12 thirties, 8 twenties plus doubles.

Great venue and amazing food.  Good fishing also.  Thanks Dave and Sue.

The Bennison family 22nd to 29th August 2015

CARP:  3 forties to 46lbs, 7 thirties, 4 twenties plus numerous doubles from Cat lake.

So good to be back! fishing was excellent, broke P B twice!  Food excellent and the whole family enjoyed our week, only downside it went too quick.  Many thanks Sue & Dave.

Dean Wise Party 29th August to 5th September (Carp lake only)

CARP:  3 forties to 44lb 10oz, 13 thirties, 6 twenties

Great fishing and lovely lake.  All brok PBs, 22 fish landed, 3 forties, 12 thirties, 7 twenties.

Matt & Olly 29th August to 5th September (Cat lake only)

CARP:  100+ doubles  CATS:  11 to 64lb

Quality fishing and lovely lake.  Over 70 carp up to 16lbs and 11 cats up to 64lbs.  Food was amazing!  Thanks Dave & Sue for a cracking week!

Alan Cuttell Party 5th to 12th September

CARP:  52lb 2oz (PB), 47lb 6oz, 38lb 4oz

Excellent food, beautiful lake and surroundings.  Caught 52lb 2oz Mirror plus a 47lb and 38lb.  Very nice people.

Graham Robbins Party 12th to 19th September 2015

CARP: 34lb, 40lb, 34lb 6oz, 31lb 6oz, 20lb, 21lb, 33lb, 35lb 5oz, 30lb 10oz, 35lb 5oz, 30lb 10oz, 25lb 8oz, 28lb 2oz, 35lb 6oz, 20lb, 25lb 6oz plus 6 doubles

Excellent food and venue - really relaxing holiday – thoroughly enjoyed it.  Great couple – can’t fault it!!

Andy Squire Party 19th to 26th September 2015

CARP: 32lb 6oz, 44lb

Superb food and facilities.  32.6 & 44lb mirrors + hybrid Bream (2.5lb)  Lovely facilities, Dave & Sue very welcoming.  Mixed weather, however can’t fault the experience. Many carp captured on the Cat lake, personal records broken.

Mark Dickens Party 26th September to 3rd October 2015

CARP: 29lb 8oz, 35lb 8oz, 31lb 12oz, 34lb, 33lb 15oz, 34lb 12oz, 27lb plus 3 doubles.

Great food and hospitality, good weather.  Great time. New PB Happy Days.

Paul Slater & Simon 26th September to 3rd October (Cat lake only)

CARP:  89 to 20lb inc. 2 Commons  CATS: 79lb 2oz

Loads of fish, hard fighting fish, great food.  Dave & Sue lovely people.

John Flewin & Ethan Thomas & Steve 3rd to 10th October 2015

CARP: 29lb, 30lb, 31lb, 38lb, 38lb, 28lb, 33lb

Our second visit and as before what a place!  From the stunning venue to the top class scran.  Dave & Sue have become friends that we will no doubt see again.

Grant Williams Party 31st October to 7th November 2015

CARP: 37lb, 21lb, 21lb, 39lb 5oz plus 50 carp to 20lbs from Cat lake.  

Our second visit this year and the lake was just as stunning in winter form as it was in summer.  The lake tried and tested all of our knowledge as the conditions were so hard but enjoyed it all the same, am booking next years trip already.  Dave & Sue are top hosts and have become good friends.  We got to know Dave a lot more as we were doing a couple of days work cutting trees down and as the results of the lakes show he works HARD! and as for Sue the food was BANGING.  Can’t wait to eat again and fish.  See you soon!